Third Position Fingering

Left Hand

Each finger on the left hand (except the thumb) has a corresponding number. The number tells you what finger to use for which note.

0 = Open string (no finger)
1 = Index finger
2 = Middle finger
3 = Ring finger
4 = Pinky finger

(where you put your fingers)

This diagram represents where you put your fingers to make each note. For third position, you shift your entire left hand (thumb and all) up the fingerboard until your first finger is at the place where your third finger would be in first position. That's why it is called "third position"!

A whole step / half step simply refers to the distance between two notes. A half step is half the distance of a whole step (how easy is that?)

If you are playing a full size violin, a whole step is approximately an inch. For a half step, the fingers are right next to each other touching. (This is all approximate because it depends on the size of your fingers.)

Here are some notes and corresponding fingerings for third position.

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